Write a Business Plan

Writing a business plan helps to define your company's goals.  It informs potential investors about where you see your company going and how you plan to get there.  And, you can use this plan to rate your company’s performance over time so you can make adjustments when necessary.

The following resources will help you put together a plan for your company:


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  • Anatomy of a Business Plan
    by Linda Pinson

    Appropriate for both business owners and managers, this guide describes the purpose and components of the executive summary, organizational plan, marketing plan and financial documents that make up a professional looking business plan.

  • Business Plans Made Easy
    by Mark Henricks and John Riddle

    This easy-to-use volume contains techniques, hints and tips for creating effective business plans.

  • Business Plans That Work

    The elements of successful business plans are explained.

  • How to Create a Successful Business Plan
    by David E. Gumpert

    Features the business plans of Pizza Hut, Celestial Seasonings and Ben & Jerry’s.

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