Fines and Fees

All fines and fees are set by the Library Board of Trustees. For more information, please read the DeKalb County Public Library's Fines and Fees Policy. Fines and fees can be paid by cash or checks made payable to DeKalb County Public Library. Fines and fees may also be paid online through PayPal.

Pay Fines / Fees

Overdue Fines

Fines are charged to encourage the timely return and proper care of materials while they are checked out. Materials returned with missing pieces will be charged overdue fines until the item is complete and can be circulated again.

Category Overdue fine  Maximum fine
Adult Hardbacks 15¢/day  $7.50
Juvenile Hardbacks 15¢/day $4.50
Audiobooks 15¢/day $7.50
Music CDs 15¢/day $7.50
Videocassettes 15¢/day $7.50
DVDs & Blu-rays 15¢/day $7.50
Passes (Center for Puppetry Arts Passport, Go Fish Pass, Georgia Park Pass, Southeastern Railway Museum Pass) 50¢/day $7.50
Book Group Take-Out Kit, Book Buddies, Eager Readers, BeTween the Lines, Family Literacy Involvement Program (FLIP) Kits $1.00/day $7.50

Lost and Damaged Items

Category Fee
Materials lost / damaged beyond repair  Cost of item*
Lost media piece (CD, DVD, Blu-ray, etc.) from a multi-part set** $12.00
Damaged Books $10.00
Destroyed Audiobook Case $6.00
Destroyed Videocassette/DVD/Blu-ray/CD Case $2.00
Lost Booklet/map $2.00
Lost Bar Code  $1.00
Kill A Watt  $30.00
Engraver $31.00
Center for Puppetry Arts Passport $50.00
Chattahoochee Nature Center $50.00
Go Fish Pass $50.00
Georgia Park Pass*** $100.00
Macon Museum Pass to the Georgia Sports Hall of Fame, Museum of Arts and Sciences and the Tubman Museum $100.00
Michael C. Carlos Museum $50.00
Southeastern Railway Museum Pass $50.00
William Breman Jewish Heritage Museum $50.00
Zoo Atlanta DVD $36.00
Book Kits  
Book Group Take-Out, Book Buddies, Eager Readers, BeTween the Lines Kits  
Lost or damaged book $10.00
Lost or damaged tote bag $15.00
Lost or destroyed kit $60.00
Family Literacy Involvement Program (FLIP) Kits  
Lost or damaged book $10.00
Lost or damaged tote bag $15.00
Lost or damaged case  $6.00
Lost or destroyed kit Cost of kit

* When exact cost is not available, an average cost based on format is assessed. A processing fee of $6.00 is included in the replacement cost.

**If individual piece cannot be replaced, and set is unusable without this piece, full replacement cost of set will be assessed.

*** If an individual pass is lost or damaged, a $50 replacement cost will be assessed. 


Fees are charged to cover the cost of services provided and are based on the Library's costs for supplies and overhead.

Category Charge
Non-Resident Borrowers Card $35.00
Temporary Resident Card $15.00 refundable deposit
Collection fee for account balances of $40.00 or more four weeks after billing $10.00
Photocopies  15¢/page
Microform Copies 15¢/page
Computer Printing (black and white)  15¢/page
Computer Printing (color, at Decatur Library only) 50¢/page
InterLibrary Loan $3.00 + any fees
charged by lending library
Returned Check Fee $20.00
Meeting Room Fee $35.00
Auditorium Fee (Decatur and Stonecrest)  $100.00