Board of Trustees

Legally, DeKalb County Public Library is a state chartered governmental organization governed by a Board of Trustees. DCPL also operates as a Department of DeKalb County Georgia.

Trustees are appointed to public library boards to formulate policy, administer funds, and govern library service to the community. Trustees work for the betterment of the library system.

The governing body of DeKalb County Public Library is the Board of Trustees. The Board of Trustees is composed of citizens from DeKalb County who are appointed by governmental agencies supporting the library on a regular basis.

The Board of Trustees approves library budgets and assumes responsibility for presenting the fiscal needs of the library system to funding agencies.

The Board of Trustees establishes policies for library services and programs, sets policies for receipt of gifts of money and property, and plans for long-range library development.

The Board of Trustees employs the Library Director and evaluates the performance of the Director. Authority for technical administration and supervision of the library system is vested in the Library Director.

The Library Board of Trustees normally meets during the months of January, March, May, July, August, October and December. The Board Chair presides.


Member Appointing Agency
Ms. Elizabeth Joyner (Co-chair) DeKalb County
Dr. Curtis Clark (Co-chair) DeKalb County
Ms. Carol Morgan (Treasurer) City of Decatur
Ms. Valerie Boyd DeKalb County
Vacant DeKalb County
Vacant City of Doraville
Mr. Joel Gottlieb DeKalb County
Ms. Sara Fountain DeKalb County
Mr. Michael Thurmond ex officio DeKalb County
(Teen Representative, Vacant) DeKalb County
Mr. Herbert McCoy DeKalb County
E. Culpepper Clark DeKalb County
Mr. Zachary Williams DeKalb County


2018 Schedule of Meetings:

Meeting Date Meeting Location Agenda
Tuesday, January 9 Library Administrative Center January Agenda
Tuesday, March 13 Updated Location: Library Administrative Center March Agenda
Tuesday, May 8 Library Administrative Center May Agenda
Tuesday, July 10 Library Administrative Center July Agenda
Monday, August 20, 4:30 p.m. Library Administrative Center August Agenda
Monday, October 22, 4:30 p.m. Library Administrative Center October Agenda
Tuesday, December 11 Library Administrative Center  


Other Meetings:

  • Tuesday, June 26: Finance/Buildings & Grounds Committee Meeting, Agenda