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Board of Trustees

Legal­ly, DeKalb Coun­ty Pub­lic Library is a state char­tered gov­ern­men­tal orga­ni­za­tion gov­erned by a Board of Trustees. DCPL also oper­ates as a Depart­ment of DeKalb Coun­ty Geor­gia.

Trustees are appoint­ed to pub­lic library boards to for­mu­late pol­i­cy, admin­is­ter funds, and gov­ern library ser­vice to the com­mu­ni­ty. Trustees work for the bet­ter­ment of the library sys­tem.

The gov­ern­ing body of DeKalb Coun­ty Pub­lic Library is the Board of Trustees. The Board of Trustees is com­posed of cit­i­zens from DeKalb Coun­ty who are appoint­ed by gov­ern­men­tal agen­cies sup­port­ing the library on a reg­u­lar basis.

The Board of Trustees approves library bud­gets and assumes respon­si­bil­i­ty for pre­sent­ing the fis­cal needs of the library sys­tem to fund­ing agen­cies.

The Board of Trustees estab­lish­es poli­cies for library ser­vices and pro­grams, sets poli­cies for receipt of gifts of mon­ey and prop­er­ty, and plans for long-range library devel­op­ment.

The Board of Trustees employs the Library Direc­tor and eval­u­ates the per­for­mance of the Direc­tor. Author­i­ty for tech­ni­cal admin­is­tra­tion and super­vi­sion of the library sys­tem is vest­ed in the Library Direc­tor.

The Library Board of Trustees nor­mal­ly meets dur­ing the months of Jan­u­ary, March, May, July, August, Octo­ber and Decem­ber. The Board Chair presides.

Mem­berAppoint­ing Agency
Mr. Her­bert McCoy (Co-Chair)DeKalb Coun­ty
Ms. Car­ol Mor­gan (Co-Chair)City of Decatur
Mr. Joel Got­tlieb (Trea­sur­er)DeKalb Coun­ty
Ms. Eliz­a­beth JoynerDeKalb Coun­ty
Dr. Cur­tis ClarkDeKalb Coun­ty
Ms. Valerie BoydDeKalb Coun­ty
Ms. Deb­o­rah JacksonDeKalb Coun­ty
Car­rie ArmisteadCity of Doraville
Ms. Sara FountainDeKalb Coun­ty
Mr. Michael Thur­mond ex officioDeKalb Coun­ty
(Teen Rep­re­sen­ta­tive, Vacant)DeKalb Coun­ty
Mr. Jamil ZainaldinDeKalb Coun­ty
Mr. Zachary WilliamsDeKalb Coun­ty

2021 Sched­ule of Meetings

Meet­ing DateMeet­ing Loca­tionAgen­da
Mon­day, Jan­u­ary 11Library Admin­is­tra­tive Cen­ter
(Board meet­ing is open to vir­tu­al pub­lic participation)
Jan­u­ary Agenda
Mon­day, March 8

(Board meet­ing is open to vir­tu­al pub­lic participation)

March Agen­da
Mon­day, May 10Zoom
(Board meet­ing is open to vir­tu­al pub­lic participation)
May Agen­da
Mon­day, June 28
(resched­uled from Mon­day, July 12)
ZoomJune Agen­da
Mon­day, August 9Zoom

(Board meet­ing is open to vir­tu­al pub­lic participation)

August Agen­da
Mon­day, Octo­ber 11Zoom
(Board meet­ing is open to vir­tu­al pub­lic participation)
Octo­ber Agenda
Mon­day, Decem­ber 6Zoom
(Board meet­ing is open to vir­tu­al pub­lic participation)
Decem­ber Agenda