Legal Establishment

You can choose to organize your business many different ways.  The structure you select will affect many things, including your tax liability and your personal liability.  It is a good idea to consult an attorney and an accountant prior to making this decision. 

After you decide on a structure for your company, you will need to acquire tax identification numbers and the necessary permits and licenses.  The following resources will help guide you through this process.


Catalog Links

  • How to Start a Business In Georgia (Sphinx)
    by Charles T. Robertson II and Mark Warda
    From choosing your business to employment and financial matters, this book simplifies the start-up process. Written by a judge and an attorney, it uses an easy-to-understand approach to business regulations for anyone considering opening a business in Georgia.
  • How to Start a Business in Georgia (Entrepreneur)
    This is your road map to avoiding operational, legal and financial pitfalls and breaking through the bureaucratic red tape that often entangles new entrepreneurs.

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