Good Books for Babies

It's never too early to start reading to your child. Babies need to hear your voice and be surrounded with words, music and bright pictures.

When sharing books with your baby you should:

  • pick the right time for you and your baby.
  • show baby the book.
  • talk and have fun.
  • watch what baby does.
  • share a book with your baby every day, even a few minutes is important.

Here are some good books to get you started:

  • by Bill Martin, Jr.

    Children see a variety of animals, each one a different color, and a teacher looking at them.

  • by Donald Crews

    Brief text and illustrations trace the journey of a colorful train as it goes through tunnels, by cities, and over trestles.

  • by Nancy Tafuri

    Mama animals tell their little ones all the ways they are loved, forever and always.

  • by Kay Chorao

    Includes such rhymes as "Five Little Sparrows," "Pat-a-Cake," "Giddyap Horsey," and "Bunnies' Bedtime" with illustrations showing the actions that should be used with each one.

  • by Vera B. Williams

    Three babies are caught up in the air and given loving attention by a father, grandmother, and mother.

  • by Iona Opie

    A collection of more than sixty nursery rhymes including "Hey Diddle, Diddle," "Pat-a-Cake," "Little Jack Horner," and "Pussycat, Pussycat."

  • by Marc Brown

    A collection of twelve play rhymes with illustrations to demonstrate the accompanying finger plays or physical activities. Includes music for the six rhymes which are also songs.

  • by Eric Hill

    A mother dog finds eight other animals hiding around the house before finding her lost puppy.

Last updated: August 8, 2014