• by Ashley Wolff

    Leaving the den as the weather warms, Baby Bear discovers blue birds, red strawberries, orange butterflies, and other colorful things in nature.

  • by Nancy Tafuri

    When Farmer Gray goes away for the day, Blue Goose, Red Hen, Yellow Chick, and White Duck get together and paint their black and white farm.

  • by Bill Martin Jr.

    Children see a variety of animals, each one a different color, and a teacher looking at them.

  • by Ann Jonas

    The girl in red, the girl in yellow, the girl in blue, and the boy in black and white are all set to stir up the rainbow. Watch them create a living kaleidoscope, step by step by step.

  • by Emma Dodd

    Dog always seems to be underfoot when something messy (and colorful) is spilt, giving readers ten different spots on his white coat to count before book's end and Dog's bath.

  • by Kimberly Norman

    A cumulative, rhyming tale of an ordinary pig who leaps out of his boy's arms at a state fair and wallows in color after color, turning himself into a work of art.

  • by Sue Williams

    Join a young boy for a playful stroll with a colorful parade of farm animals.

  • by Tana Hoban

    Illustrations of familiar people and objects introduce the colors red, yellow, blue, orange, green, and purple.

  • by Leo Lionni

    A little blue spot and a little yellow spot are best friends, and when they hug each other they become green.

  • by Denise Fleming

    A very hungry mouse eats a large lunch comprised of colorful foods.

  • by Ellen Walsh

    Three white mice discover jars of red, blue, and yellow paint and explore the world of color.

  • by Anne Rockwell

    Mr. Panda, an artist, buys tubes of paint in every color and then goes home and paints a picture with them.

  • by Lois Ehlert

    A mother and child plant a rainbow of flowers in the family garden.

  • by Alan Baker

    One inquisitive hop and splash goes White Rabbit into a bucket of yellow paint. Soon, the little rabbit is jumping from bucket to bucket and learning all about how colors mix. 

  • by George Shannon

    Is a blueberry blue? Is a crow black? Is fire yellow? Is snow white? If you think you know, then think -- and look again!

  • by Tim Hopgood

    A curious little owl decides to stay awake to find out how the things he sees at night look during the daytime.