Book Buddies Take-Out

Thinking of starting a book group for children beginning to read chapter books? Does your established book group need a little help? If so, Book Buddies Book Group Take-Out kits are designed with you in mind. Each Book Group Take-Out kit contains 10-12 copies of the book and a guide that includes:

  • tips for running a book discussion
  • background information on the author
  • a summary of the book
  • discussion questions

The Book Group Take-Out kits can be checked out for a period of eight weeks. Renewals are not allowed and you are limited to two kits checked-out at one time. There is no charge to check out Book Group Take-Out kits, but if they are returned late, incomplete or damaged, fines and fees will apply.

Book Group Take-Out kits are sponsored by the Friends of the Library groups.

The following titles are available as Book Buddies Book Group Take-Out kits:

  • Bad Kitty Gets a Bath
    by Nick Bruel

    Takes a look at the way cats bathe, why it is inappropriate for humans to bathe that way, and the challenges of trying to give a cat a real bath with soap and water.

  • Bad Kitty Meets the Baby
    by Nick Bruel

    Bad Kitty is not pleased when a baby joins her family. Includes fun facts and tips for training a cat to perform tricks.

  • The Curse of the Bologna Sandwich
    by Greg Trine

    After graduating from the superhero academy, Melvin Beederman heads for Los Angeles, where he unexpectedly teams up with Candace Brinkwater, school play actress, to nab the evil McNasty Brothers.

  • Dolphins and Sharks
    by Mary Pope Osborne

    Discusses dolphins and sharks, their ocean habitats, and general information about oceans and oceanography.

  • Frantastic Voyage
    by Jim Benton

    Reduced to miniature size, Franny travels through her pet dog's nostril and into his stomach.

  • Keena Ford and the Second-Grade Mix-Up
    by Melissa Thomson

    Keena Ford doesn't mean to be a troublemaker, but sometimes things get out of hand. Lucky for her, it's the beginning of the second grade and Keena's got a clean slate.

  • Lunch Walks Among Us
    by Jim Benton

    Franny K. Stein is a mad scientist who prefers all things spooky and creepy, but when she has trouble making friends at her new school she experiments with fitting in, which works until a monster erupts from the trashcan.

  • Magic Tree House  #17: Tonight on the Titanic
    by Mary Pope Osborne

    The magic tree house transports Jack and Annie to the deck of the Titanic to find a mysterious gift that will free a small dog from a magic spell.

  • The Mammoth Academy
    by Neal Layton

    Woolly mammoth siblings Oscar and Arabella enjoy being at Mammoth Academy, but Oscar is accused of stealing oranges and when he follows some mysterious tracks to find the real thief, he discovers humans living nearby.

  • Mercy Watson Fights Crime
    by Kate DiCamillo

    Mercy the pig's love of buttered toast leads to the capture of a small thief who would rather be a cowboy.

  • Miss Daisy Is Crazy!
    by Dan Gutman

    Miss Daisy's unusual teaching methods surprise her second grade students, especially reluctant learner A.J.

  • Mrs. Dole Is Out of Control!
    by Dan Gutman

    A.J. is graduating! But a crazed PTA president is turning second-grade graduation into a huge affair complete with fireworks and skywriting. By the time this graduation ceremony is over, there won't be any time left for summer vacation!

  • Never Glue Your friends to Chairs
    by Katherine Applegate

    When the first-graders' bee antennae would not stay on their heads and the drummers would not stay in their seats for the open house play, Roscoe decides to help by using the "don't-you-dare" glue.

  • Ricky Ricotta's Mighty Robot
    by Dav Pilkey

    Ricky Ricotta, a small mouse, saves a giant robot from his evil creator, Dr. Stinky, and in turn, the robot protects Ricky from the bullies at school and saves the city from Dr. Stinky's plan to destroy it.

  • Ricky Ricotta's Mighty Robot vs. the Uranium Unicorns from Uranus
    by Dav Pilkey

    Evil Uncle Unicorn attempts to dominate Earth by using a Ladybot to trick Mighty Robot. Once again, it's up to Ricky and his pals to save the day.

  • Stink: The Incredible Shrinking Kid
    by Megan McDonald

    The shortest kid in the second grade, James Moody, also known as Stink, learns all about the shortest president of the United States, James Madison, when they celebrate Presidents' Day at school.

  • Stink and the Great Guinea Pig Express
    by Megan McDonald

    Stink Moody, friends Webster and Sophie, and Mrs. Birdwistle visit tourist attractions in Virginia as they try to give away 101 guinea pigs rescued from a laboratory, although Stink is very reluctant to give away his favorite, Astro.

  • Titanic: A Nonfiction Companion to Tonight on the Titanic
    by Will Osborne and Mary Pope Osborne

    Explores the history of the steamship Titanic, from Thomas Andrews' plans for "the safest ship on the ocean" to the lingering questions concerning its disastrous maiden voyage in 1912.

  • You Are the First Kid on Mars
    by Patrick O'Brien

    In the spirit of books that once imagined colonies on the moon, Patrick O'Brien has created a unique look at your first trip to Mars.