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Kids > Cool Websites for Summer!

Geor­gia Aquar­i­um Webcams

Take a moment to sit back and relax while you livestream the ani­mals of Geor­gia Aquar­i­um. Zen out with sharks or delight with play­ful sea lions. Get a glimpse into a day in the life of incred­i­ble ani­mals as they swim, feed, play, and go about their day.

Nation­al Ocean Service

Videos, group activ­i­ties, origa­mi, out­door and table­top chal­lenges, and a bunch of oth­er projects that are fun, enter­tain­ing, and educational.

Explor­ing the Ocean With PBS Kids

Tips on ocean-relat­ed places to vis­it, web­cams to watch, sites to click, and books to read.

Nation­al Geo­graph­ic Ocean Portal

Nation­al Geo­graph­ic’s got chal­lenges, ocean ani­mal pro­files, ocean-themed games, videos, and pho­tos for you to explore.