Whether you are a beginner or a die hard needlecrafter, the Library has something for you. Below is a select list of print resources available through the Library to help you master that new stitch, find that perfect project to give a gift or tackle something you haven't tried before. Divided into their own categories, these books are sure to grab your attention and encourage you on your next project. There are even some fiction titles where the protagonist is also a needlecrafter included in case you are taking a break from that project that seems to never end. Happy stitching!

Last updated: January 10, 2013

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  • The Complete Photo Guide to Needlework
    by Linda Wyszynski

    Here is the ultimate reference for all styles of artistic hand stitching! No matter what design style you favor, this book gives you the tools to express yourself with needle and thread or yarn. Simple projects let you try your hand at each method and inspire you to create your own designs.

  • Firefly's Step-by-Step Encyclopedia of Needlecraft: Patchwork, Embroidery, Quilting, Sewing, Knitting, Crochet, Appliqué

    This craft encyclopedia includes basics-and-beyond information about knitting, crochet, quilting (including patchwork and applique), embroidery, and sewing.

  • Martha Stewart's Encyclopedia of Sewing and Fabric Crafts: Basic Techniques for Sewing, Appliqué, Embroidery, Quilting, Dyeing, and Printing, Plus 150 Inspired Projects from A to Z.
    by Martha Stewart

    This book covers the basics of sewing, along with five other time-honored crafts techniques, with step-by-step instructions.

  • The Michaels Book of Needlecrafts: Knitting, Crochet & Embroidery

    Whether you are an experienced knitter, crocheter, or embroider or just beginning, the contemporary projects in this book will entice you to pick up the needles and yarn. On large and colorful pages, crafters will find the guidance they need to plunge into every type of stitchery.

  • The Needlecraft Book
    by Maggi Gordon, Sally Harding and Ellie Vance

    A comprehensive, step-by-step guide to the techniques of needlepoint, quilting, crocheting, embroidery, and applique.

  • Crocheting in Plain English
    by Maggie Righetti

    Crocheting in Plain English provides basic principles and step-by-step instructions to get crocheters started and to perfect their techniques. Each technique is illustrated with clear drawings, charts, or photos. The book is completed with a detailed glossary of crochet terms.

  • Crocheting School: A Complete Course

    This illustrated guide provides essential information for any newcomer to crochet. Start out learning the 3 basic crochet stitches. By the time you’ve worked your way though the book’s selection of stitches and weaves, you’ll have mastered over 50 fundamental techniques.

  • The Complete Photo Guide to Crochet
    by Margaret Hubert

    This book provides a reference for all methods of crochet, including Tunisian, filet, intermeshing, and freeform crochet. Includes step-by-step instructions for all the basic stitches and swatches of 100s of stitch patterns with complete instructions. Also provides instructions and patterns for 50 projects for garments, accessories, and décor items.

  • Cross-Stitch for the First Time
    by Donna Kooler

    This introduction to cross stitch breaks down the various aspects of the technique into easily mastered segments. The answer to each question includes step-by-step illustrations and a project that helps readers learn the technique discussed.

  • The African Cross Stitch Collection
    by Trish Burr

    This title presents cross stitch projects which depict enchanting images of everyday African life in a bright and vivid way. The collection includes 25 projects for cards, bookmarks, and pictures.

  • The Big Book of Cross-Stitch Designs: Over 900 Simple-To-Stitch Decorative Motifs

    Here are more than 900 motifs, plus dozens of project ideas, to please every cross-stitch crafter. This book clearly explains the stitches, shows how to prepare the fabric, provides a size guide, and much more—crafters of all levels will find a motif to suit any occasion.

  • Complete Guide to Embroidery Stitches: Photographs, Diagrams, and Instructions for Over 260 Stitches
    by Jennifer Campbell and Ann-Marie Bakewell

    This handy guide will prove to be a valuable resource for those who enjoy embroidery regardless of skill level. Each of the the 263 stitches presented in the book includes a photograph of the stitch, a description of its main uses, easy-to-follow instructions, clear diagrams, and explanations and tips to help you achieve the best results.

  • Hip to Stitch: 20 Contemporary Projects Embellished with Thread
    by Melinda A. Barta

    Interested in adding an unique touch to garmets or want to liven up your home decor? This book provides easy, step-by-step instructions, and illustrations on 38 stitch techniques. Throughout the book, pick up tips and hints on things like how to hide the extra thread and make the stitches more durable.

  • The Embroidery Stitch Bible
    by Betty Barnden

    With more than 200 stitches, this book is for anyone interested in learning new stitches. Instructions for each stitch include photographs and easy-to-follow charts.

  • Getting Started Knitting
    by Jennifer Worick

    This guide introduces the art of knitting to beginners by getting them comfortable with casting on, knitting, purling, increasing, decreasing, and binding off. Beginners move on to more of the simple stitches to get more comfortable in their new craft. Complete with a glossary of knitting lingo and a guide to undoing mistakes.

  • Knitting Stitches Visual Encyclopedia: 350 Stitch Patterns, Edgings, and More
    by Sharon Turner

    This book is a must-see for every knitter. A collection of a variety of stitch combinations, knitters will be inspired to create one of a kind pieces.

  • Lily Chin's Knitting Tips & Tricks: Shortcuts and Techniques Every Knitter Should Know
    by Lily Chin

    Covering everything from knitting standards and conventions to working with various types of yarns to fixing stitch mistakes, this book is a comprehensive distillation of the author’s decades of experience, and by the end of it she will have answered knitting questions that you didn’t even know you had.

  • Donna Kooler's Encyclopedia of Quilting
    by Donna Kooler

    Encyclopedia of Quilting is the complete guide to quilting, including the history and various techniques and patterns of quiltmaking. Complete with a variety of patterns, this book is a must read for newbies and seasoned quilters alike.

  • The Practical Guide to Patchwork: New Basics for the Modern Quiltmaker
    by Elizabeth Hartman

    Take a look at this fresh, relaxed approach to making quilts. Using colorful illustrations and clear, simple instructions, this book guides beginners and intermediates alike through the entire process of creating fun and useful quilts. Each of the 12 projects comes with an alternate colour scheme to show how swapping out fabrics can dramatically change the look of a quilt.

  • The Quilter's Catalog: A Comprehensive Resource Guide
    by Meg Cox

    A complete resource guide, this book presents some of the best Web sites, online groups, books, patterns, stores, shows, and challenges to the craft. Quilters can also learn about opportunities for business and quilting controversies (hand-sewn vs. machine-sewn).

  • 200 Sewing Tips, Techniques & Trade Secrets
    by Lorna Knight

    This essential resource will provide sewists, regardless of skill level, tips on the tools of the trade, various techniques, problem solving advice, and information that will help on your next project. Photographs throughout help illustrate the various concepts.

  • Learn to Sew
    by Alison Reid

    With basic skills, even a beginner can make beautiful and useful items, as this clearly illustrated tutorial demonstrates. Assuming no prior knowledge or experience, it covers all the elements of machine and hand sewing, from how to sew a button to basic embroidery techniques.

  • Step-By-Step Sewing Course: Essential Techniques for Making Over 150 Creative Home Projects

    This guide is filled with more than 150 projects and variations for sewers of all skill levels. With its easy-to-follow, illustrated instructions that lead you through each project, this guide also includes vital information about essential sewing equipment and basic techniques.

  • Tatting Patterns
    by Lyn Morton

    The over 40 original patterns with color photographs and diagrams are sure to inspire you to try your hand at this centuries old craft.

  • Small Loom & Freeform Weaving: Five Ways to Weave
    by Barbara Matthiessen

    This book offers readers low cost and even home made alternatives to costly looms. From there, weavers of all skill levels with enjoy step-by-step, diagrammed instructions for more than 30 projects, including iPod and cell phone holders, scarves, purses, and jewelry, and home decor projects.

  • The Weaver's Companion

    All the basics of weaving are provided in this handbook. Easy reference charts and many sidebar tips ensure success in both on- and off-loom weaving techniques. Information on project preparation, tools, drafting, warping the loom, weaving, and in-depth finishing techniques is also provided.

  • Weaving Made Easy: 17 Projects Using a Simple Loom
    by Liz Gipson

    Weaving is thoroughly explained in this guide to the age-old craft. Eighteen projects—for scarves, bags, belts, tops, and a bevy of household goodies, such as pillows, rugs, and blankets—explore how to combine colors and create textured fabrics using a variety of techniques. Additional tips on adding crocheted edges, beaded fringe, and needle-felted flowers are also included.

  • Hooked on Murder
    by Betty Hechtman

    When a bookstore event coordinator stumbles across the dead body of a crochet group’s leader, her complicated past with the woman makes her a prime suspect. It’s up to her to catch the culprit—before she winds up in a tight knot. Recipe and Crochet Pattern included.

  • Knit, Purl, Die
    by Anne Canadeo

    Check out this book to meet the Black Sheep knitters, a group of five smart, funny women who love to knit, gossip, and solve crimes. Web sites for knitting patterns and recipes are included.

  • The Long Stitch Good Night: An Embroidery Mystery
    by Amanda Lee

    Although she’s taken an interest in Irish embroidery, Marcy cannot help but abandon her needlecraft when handsome local brewer Todd finds himself accused of murder. Read the book to find out what happens.

  • Threaded for Trouble
    by Janet Bolin

    Welcome back to Threadville, Pennsylvania, where crafts are king, and a “killer” sewing machine lives up to its name…

  • Wicked Weaves
    by Joyce and Jim Lavene

    While working as an apprentice basket-maker, College professor Jessie Mortan becomes tangled in a deadly weave. This first in a new series includes recipes and facts about Renaissance fairs.