Foreign Language Learning

Travel, business, conversation with friends, and curiosity  - these are just some of the reasons you may want to learn another language.  DCPL has a variety of resources to help you, including foreign language books and language learning CDs.  We also have online databases that will teach you a new language and evaluate your foreign language skills.

The examples below showcase resources for learning Spanish.  However, most of these resources are available for other languages as well.  Most language learning related books, DVDs or audiobooks in the Library are in the 427-499 call number range of the nonfiction section. 

Last updated: December 23, 2015


  • Mango's unique teaching method quickly engages you in real conversations between two native speakers. Your instructor will take you through every step of the process! Each lesson revisits previously learned material, but you have complete control over your learning experience.  Choose from 71 languages including English.

Catalog Links

  • Barron's E-Z Spanish

    This revised and updated edition presents a beginner's introduction to speaking, understanding, and writing in Spanish, with emphasis on oral proficiency.   

  • Oxford Picture Dictionary. English/Spanish
    by Jayme Adelson-Goldstein and Norma Shapiro

    A visual dictionary with content organized into thematic units, including everyday language, people, housing, food and recreation. Each unit starts with an intro page and ends with a story page introducing new words in a realistic visual context. The new vocabulary is listed and simple practice activities help these new words into practice.    

  • Spanish Demystified
    by Jenny Petrow

    Step by step, you’ll build your Spanish vocabulary with essential words, idioms, and phrases. Test are provided at the end of each chapter. Also available for French, German, Italian and Japanese.

  • Spanish for Dummies

    Learn the basics of Latin American Spanish.  This book covers expanded coverage of grammar, verb conjugations, pronunciations, a mini-dictionary complete with essential vocabulary, exercises, and more.  Also available for French, German,  and Japanese.

  • Spanish in Minutes: How to Study Spanish the Fun Way

    With this downloadable audibiook, Liv Montgomery is your verbal tour guide. You'll learn how to study a foreign language with her speed-learning techniques, as well as build your vocabulary and confidence with Verbalicious Instant Language Spanish in Minutes. 

  • Spanish (Latin American): The Short Course

    This audiobook is part of the Pimsleur Language Program and contains eight lessons.  There are more in-depth  programs for those starting to learn a language, like Spanish 1A,  and those with a more advanced knowledge, like Spanish 3B.   There are other Pimsleur Language Programs available, including Dutch, Greek, Russian and Tagalog. 

  • Starting out in Spanish

    Starting Out in Spanish is a beginner-level program on 3 CDs, and it includes short and simple lessons and dialogues. It covers all the basics, with plenty of repetition and practice.  Also available for Arabic, Chinese,  French, German, Italian and Japanese. 

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