Countries (history/gov’t/stats)

Are you researching a country for a school project? Do you need lots of facts on people, places, and important events on that country? The Library can help you find all of that information and more!

Books on countries are located in the 900s in the non-fiction section of the library. Check these call numbers to find the country you are looking for:

940 Europe
950 Asia
960 Asia
970 North America
980 South America
990 Australia and other areas

Last updated: December 31, 2015


  • Reference documents, articles and dictionary entries covering the physical and applied sciences, literature, biography, history and social studies.

Catalog Links

  • Enchantment of the World 2nd Series - Malaysia
    by Michael Burgan

    In each title of this series, readers are transported to distant lands with fascinating text and attention-grabbing photos. Each country's culture, history, and geography are explored in detail, allowing readers a chance to see how people live in different nations. Other titles published in 2016 include Cuba, Hong Kong, Liberia, Morocco, and the Netherlands.

  • Student Atlas
    by DK Publishing

    Maps, illustrations, and text describe various aspects of countries of the world including physical features, population, standards of living, natural resources, industries, environmental issues, and climate. [8th edition of Student Atlas]

  • World Book Encyclopedia

    Previous editions are recommended in Best Reference Books, Guide to Reference Books, and General Reference Books for Adults. Providing a readable yet detailed reference for students in middle and high school, as well as the general reader, this encyclopedia is updated annually and remains a fascinating read.

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