Book Clubs

Are you interested in starting a book club? Do you already belong to a book club, but need help selecting books? Do you want to make your discussions more lively?

The resources below will give your book club a boost. Also, check out DCPL’s Book Group Take-Out kits for adults and Book Buddies Take-Out kits for kids. Each kit contains 10-12 copies of the book and a discussion guide. There is no charge to use them and the checkout period for each kit is eight weeks.  

Most materials related to book clubs or discussion groups are in the 027-028 or 374.22 call number range of the nonfiction section of the Library.

Last updated: July 13, 2015


  • Brings together all of Gale’s literary databases and literature eBook titles into one seamlessly cross-searchable research and study environment.

  • Find interesting books to read based on other books previously enjoyed, or to look for books about a particular subject, relationship, geographic area, period of time, or plot description. Includes lists of award-winning titles and reviews.

Catalog Links

  • The Book Bunch
    by Laura J.H. Smith

    Includes information about structuring a basic book club program as well as over twenty programs for a variety of subjects, reading levels and book lengths.

  • Book Club Companion
    by Diana Loevy

    This book is full of innovative ideas to help you share your love of books. Includes fun and witty suggestions for members, hosts and groups looking to spice up their meetings.

  • The Book Club Cookbook
    by Judy Gelman and Vicki Levy Krupp

    A combination of cookbook and discussion ideas for popular book club selections, which features an assortment of recipes for culinary creations that tie in with a variety of literary masterpieces.

  • Good Books Lately
    by Ellen Moore and Kira Stevens

    Includes information on how to start a group and how to keep it going. Also covers common problems faced by book clubs and guidance on how to elicit a good conversation about a literary work.

  • Juvenile and Young Adult Reading Lists and Award Winners

    This page in the DCPL Catalog features links to award winners and other reading lists. It includes lists of current nominees for the Georgia Children’s Book Award, Georgia Children’s Storybook Award and Peach Award for Teen Readers.

  • Kids' Book Club Book
    by Judy Gelman and Vicki Levy Krupp

    Features the top fifty favorite book club reads for children ages eight to eighteen, ideas and advice on forming great kids’ book clubs and tips for kids who want to start their own book clubs.

  • Read It and Eat
    by Sarah Gardner

    A guide to creating book club get-togethers. Features fiction and nonfiction reading selections ranging from timeless classics to irresistible beach reads, and recipes for easy-to-prepare (and easy-to-transport) cocktails, finger foods, sit-down dinners, and snacks.

  • The Reading Group Handbook
    by Rachel Jacobsohn

    With this title, you'll find information on where to meet, how to select members and decide a format for the meetings, how to read material critically and constructively in preparation for the gathering and the art of the discussion. 

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