The databases, books and websites recommended here primarily contain information about automobiles, including their maintenance and repair or values.  Most automobile-related books, DVDs or audiobooks in the Library are in the 629 call number range of the nonfiction section.

Last updated: June 16, 2015


  • Practice tests to help you prepare for the GA Department of Driver Services tests for vehicle licenses, including car, motorcycle, and CDL tests.

  • Complete articles from magazines and journals covering nearly all subjects including general reference, business, health, education, general science, and multicultural issues. This resource also contains full text for more than 50 reference books and an Image Collection of over 510,000 photos, maps and flags.

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  • Chilton's Manuals
    by Chilton Book Company

    Chilton’s editors put together automotive repair information to assist users during daily repairs. This 2010 edition is a three-volume set for use inside the library only.  Other editions, published at different times or targeted for different makes or imports, are also available (and some editions can be checked out).

  • Engines of Change: A History of the American Dream in Fifteen Cars
    by Paul Ingrassia

    A cultural history that explores how cars have both propelled and reflected the American experience—from the Model T to the Prius. From the assembly lines of Henry Ford to the open roads of Route 66, from the lore of Jack Kerouac to the sex appeal of the Hot Rod, America’s history is a vehicular history—an idea brought to life in this work by Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Paul Ingrassia.

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  • Gas Smarts: Hundreds of Small Ways to Save Big at the Pump
    by Ronald M. Weiers

    Author Ron Weiers offers advice to help save money with driving. Whether behind the wheel, planning a trip, researching a new vehicle, or considering adding aftermarket accessories to a car, this book has the information needed to drive efficiently, safely, and as inexpensively as possible.

  • Haynes Automotive Heating and Air Condition Systems Manual
    by Mike Stubblefield and John H. Haynes

    Written for the do-it-yourselfer, good enough for the pro. Includes everything you wish to know about your vehicle’s heating and air conditioning. From simple adjustments, to complete tune-ups and troubleshooting.

  • The Life of the Automobile: The Complete History of the Motor Car
    by Steven Parissien

    In this comprehensive world history of the most important transport innovation of the modern age, historian Dr. Steven Parissien examines the impact, development, and significance of the automobile over its turbulent and colorful 130-year history.

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