Architecture plays an important role in our lives. The way our homes, offices and schools are designed affects the way we live, work and learn.  Use these resources to learn about the history of architecture and discover some of the many man-made wonders of the world.  Most architecture-related books, DVDs or audiobooks in the Library are in the 720 call number range of the non-fiction section. 

Last updated: May 18, 2015


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  • Architecture
    by Jonathan Glancey

    This book examines 5000 years of architecture throughout the world. Learn about the materials and technology that shape buildings, as well as how to identify the key elements of each architectural style.

  • Bricks and Mortals: 10 Great Buildings and the People They Made
    by Tom Wilkinson

    Through ten great buildings across the world, the author reveals the powerful and intimate relationship between society and architecture and asks -  can architecture change our lives for the better?

  • Great Buildings: The World’s Architectural Masterpieces Explored and Explained
    by Phillip Wilkinson

    From the mysterious Great Pyramid of Egypt and Turkey's exquisite Hagia Sofia, to the splendid palace at Versailles and Frank Lloyd Wright's graceful Fallingwater in Pennsylvania, Great Buildings explores the world's most stunning buildings and other iconic architectural creations in fabulous visual tours.

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