African American History

Are you looking for information for an African American history report? Then you have come to the right place! The library is filled with information on the many people, places, and events that are an important part of African American history.

Last updated: November 1, 2013


  • Reference documents, articles and dictionary entries covering the physical and applied sciences, literature, biography, history and social studies.

Catalog Links

  • African American Almanac
    by Lean'tin Bracks

    This reference work on the contributions of African Americans to the history and culture of the United States provides accessible reference and biographical information on a wide range of important events and people.

  • African American Educators
    by Elizabeth Massie

    Discusses the history of African Americans in education from the illegality of teaching slaves to read to the Supreme Court decision that struck down segregation in American education. Part of the ‘Major Black Contributions from Emancipation to Civil Rights’ series.

  • African American National Biography

    An eight volume reference set that profiles more than 4000 African Americans throughout history.

  • Discovering Black America
    by Linda Tarrant-Reid

    This title for juvenile readers offers an unprecedented account of more than 400 years of African-American history set against a background of American and global events. The book includes first-person narratives drawn from diaries, written oral accounts, autobiographies, and interviews.

  • Freedom in My Heart: Voices from the United States National Slavery Museum

    This richly illustrated volume uses the remarkable artifacts, images, and documents of the United States National Slavery Museum to trace the entire history of slavery in North America. For more information on slavery in the United States, look for the call number 306.362 in the adult non-fiction area and J 306.362 in the juvenile non-fiction area.

  • Inspiring African American Civil Rights Leaders
    by Stephen Feinstein

    Profiles eight of the greatest leaders of the civil rights movement. Part of the African American Collective Biographies series for school aged readers. For more information on the civil rights movement, check J 973.049 for juvenile materials and 973.049 for adult materials.

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