Stone Mountain-Sue Kellogg Library Closing for Renovations June 15

The Stone Mountain Sue-Kellogg Library will be closing for renovation on Saturday, June 15th. The renovation will include an updated floor plan, updated finishes, new furniture and restrooms. The work will be completed by C.T. Darnell Construction.

“I am eager for constituents to have a new and improved Stone Mountain-Sue Kellogg Library with a portion of the $ 4 million dollars that I reprogrammed from District 4 Capital Improvement Funds for library renovations. $1.5 million dollars was allocated to renovate Stone Mountain-Sue Kellogg from these funds,” said Commissioner Bradshaw.

The Stone Mountain-Sue Kellogg branch is the first of three libraries in District 4 that will get an upgrade. Clarkston and Covington branch renovations are pending for scheduling in the future.

During the renovation period, patrons can visit these nearby branches: Tucker-Reid H. Cofer, Hairston Crossing, Redan-Trotti and Clarkston.  Please sign-up for District 4 updates from Commissioner Bradshaw updates at