DeKalb County Public Library Wins a 2018 Mini-Grant Awarded by the Ezra Jack Keats Foundation

Clarkston Library in DeKalb County has been awarded an Ezra Jack Keats Mini-Grant to create a “Tine Zine” that will focus on creative writing, media and visual arts. The program will be called “Hear Us: Teen Voices From Across DeKalb.” Effuah Chisholm is one of 70 educators in 29 states who will implement a new program during the academic year ending in June 2019. Since 1987, the Ezra Jack Keats Foundation, which fosters children’s love of reading and creative expression in this diverse culture, has awarded annual grants of up to $500 each to qualifying teachers and librarians in public schools and public libraries.The “Teen Zine” program aims to provide support and resources to help share concerns from a teen’s point of view. As a result, teens in DeKalb County will have the opportunity to become a part of a larger conversation about issues that affect them. The deadline to apply is October 3, 2018. Applications can be printed or picked up at any DCPL branch. 

DeKalb County Public Library Gears Up for 2018 Decatur Book Festival

The 2018 Decatur Book Festival is around the corner and DeKalb County Public Library is proud to once again be a part of this year's festivities. A series of author talks presented by WABE will be held at the Decatur Library September 1 and 2. Book titles featured in the talks include "Frankenstein: How a Monster Became an Icon," "Collisions of Cultures in Jim Crow South" and "Border Child." The Full Schedule for the author talks can be found here

PBS’s Great American Read Comes to DeKalb County Public Library

America is voting for its best-loved book and local residents now have an opportunity to cast their vote. PBS’s The Great American Read interactive traveling booth will make a stop at the Decatur Library (215 Sycamore Street) August 2-9, 2018. Patrons can cast a vote for their favorite book from a list of 100 books. The books were selected based on a poll of more than 7200 participants who named their favorite titles. DeKalb County Public Library has all 100 titles in its collection, many in ebook format. The interactive travel booth will continue to make stops at public libraries across Georgia until October and will return to the Decatur Book Festival on Labor Day Weekend. For more information visit .

Fine-Free Summer for Kids and Teens

Let your children check out all the books and materials they want this summer without worrying about fines. The Library Board of Trustees has approved a Fine-Free Summer for materials in the children’s and teen’s collections beginning June 1 and running through August 31. Library Director Alison Weissinger wants parents and caregivers to encourage their children to read and enjoy library resources all summer. “We know children lose ground in academics over the summer break. We want to take away any barrier to children and teens having books to read and enjoy over the summer.” She adds, “We just ask that items are returned to the library in a timely manner, so others may enjoy them.” 

The Fine-Free Summer only applies to materials in the children’s and teen’s collections. Fees will still be assessed on lost or damaged items.

“The primary purpose of the library is to get books in the hands of children,” Weissinger says. “We want to provide easy access to our materials at a time when children and teens need them the most. We know families are busy in the summer and this is one more way we can help kids read while school is out.”

Q: What is Fine-Free Summer?
A:  No overdue fees will be charged on materials in the children’s and teen’s collections. These items are marked “J,” “YA,” or “RA,” and include books, audiobooks, music CDs, and DVDs.

Q: How long is Fine-Free Summer?
A:  No overdue fees will be charged between June 1 and August 31, 2018.

Q: What if I lose or damage an item?
A: Fees will still be assessed on lost or damaged items. The Fine-Free Summer only applies to overdue fees.

Q: Does this mean I can keep my library books all summer?
A: Normal checkout periods still apply, and you are encouraged to renew your items. If you are unable to renew an item, that means the item should be returned to the library so that others can use it. Be mindful that the collection is for everyone to enjoy!

Q: Why are you doing this?
A: We want to remove any barrier to kids and teens having books to read over the summer.