Kindergarten Rocks!

  • Adventure Annie Goes to Kindergarten by Toni Buzzeo

    Even though there are rules to follow, a little girl who loves adventure has an exciting first day of kindergarten.

  • Born in the Gravy by Denys Cazet

    A Mexican-American child tells her father about her first day in kindergarten from little Susie, who cried all day . . . to stubborn Archie, who climbed a tree and wouldn't come down until the principal climbed up after him. 

  • The Bus Stop by Janet Morgan Stoeke

    Kindergartners gather for their exciting first ride on the school bus.

  • Countdown to Kindergarten by Alison McGhee

    It's just ten days before kindergarten, and this little girl has heard all there is to know--from a first grader --about what it's going to be like.

  • Eliza's Kindergarten Pet by Alice B. McGinty

    When the kindergarten classroom gets a pet guinea pig Eliza is afraid, but when the guinea pig gets lost, Eliza helps find her.

  • Eliza's Kindergarten Surprise by Alice B. McGinty

    On her first day of school, Eliza fills her pocket with objects--buttons, a pebble, a napkin, and a piece of yarn--that remind her of her mother, whom she misses very much.

  • Hands Off, Harry! by Rosemary Wells

    Harry has trouble keeping his hands off his classmates until Tina thinks of the perfect piece of gym equipment to teach him about personal space.

  • Henry's Show and Tell by Nancy Carlson

    Henry likes everything about kindergarten except show-and-tell, but with the help of his teacher and his pet lizard he is able to overcome his fear.

  • Henry's 100 Days of Kindergarten by Nancy Carlson

    To celebrate the one hundredth day of kindergarten, each student brings in an example of 100 for show-and-tell, including a 100-year-old relative, and Ms. Bradley shares the jar of 100 jelly beans that have marked the days.

  • Jake's Best Thumb by Ilene Cooper

    Jake is an expert at doing things with his best thumb. He can walk the dog, watch TV, even ride his bike. Jake and his thumb are happy together until kindergarten begins and the class bully teases Jake, calling him “thumb sucker.”

  • Jessica by Kevin Henkes

    Ruthie does everything with her imaginary friend Jessica; and then on her first day at kindergarten, she meets a real new friend with the same name.

  • Kindergarten ABC by Jacqueliine Rogers

    Presents the special activities of a kindergarten class on the day devoted to each letter of the alphabet, from finding acorns outside on A day to zero more letters and a trip to the zoo on Z day.

  • Kindergarten Countdown by Anna Jane Hays

    Rhyming text follows an excited little girl as she counts down the days before the start of kindergarten.

  • Kindergarten Diary by Antoinette Portis

    Starting kindergarten can be a little scary. But Annalina shows us there are lots of new and exciting things to look forward to-meeting your teacher, playing on the monkey bars, feeding the pet tortoise, and making new friends. 

  • Kindergarten Rocks! by Katie Davis

    Dexter knows everything there is to know about kindergarten and is not at all scared about his first day there, but his stuffed dog, Rufus, is very nervous.

  • Look Out Kindergarten, Here I Come! by Nancy Carlson

    Even though Henry is looking forward to going to kindergarten, he is not sure about staying once he first gets there.

  • Miss Bindergarten Celebrates the 100th Day of Kindergarten by Joseph Slate

    To celebrate one hundred days in Miss Bindergarten's kindergarten class, all her students bring one hundred of something to school, including a one hundred-year-old relative, one hundred candy hearts, and one hundred polka dots.

  • Miss Bindergarten Gets Ready for Kindergarten by Joseph Slate

    Introduces the letters of the alphabet as Miss Bindergarten and her students get ready for kindergarten.

  • Miss Bindergarten Has a Wild Day in Kindergarten by Joseph Slate

    From Adam throwing his hat too high to Zach setting the butterflies free, the students in Miss Bindergarten's class contribute to one wild day in kindergarten.

  • Miss Bindergarten Plans a Circus with Kindergarten by Joseph Slate

    Miss Bindergarten and her class are ready for a grand adventure-they're putting on a circus. 

  • Miss Bindergarten Stays Home from Kindergarten by Joseph Slate

    Introduces the letters of the alphabet while telling what happened at kindergarten when Miss Bindergarten was too ill to come to school.

  • Miss Bindergarten Takes a Field Trip with Kindergarten by Joseph Slate

    Introduces the letters of the alphabet as Miss Bindergarten and her students visit interesting places around town.

  • Ms. Bitsy Bat's Kindergarten by Pamela Duncan Edwards

    The new kindergarten teacher at Oak Tree School is a bat, and she quickly makes all the students feel at home.

  • My Kindergarten by Rosemary Wells

    As the year goes by, Emily describes the variety of things she learns and does with her kindergarten classmates and teacher as well as with her family.

  • Night Before Kindergarten by Natasha Wing

    'Twas the night before kindergarten, and as they prepared, kids were excited, and a little bit scared.

  • Place Called Kindergarten by Jessica Harper

    Tommy has gone someplace called “kindergarten” and the animals are worried. What will happen to him there? Will he ever come back?

  • The Twelve Days of Kindergarten: A Counting Book by Deborah Lee Rose

    Set to the familiar tune of "The Twelve Days of Christmas," this poem enumerates a child's experiences upon entering kindergarten.

  • Welcome to Kindergartenn by Anne Rockwell

    A boy visits the classroom where he will attend kindergarten the following fall and finds out what is in store for him.

  • Yoko Writes Her Name by Rosemary Wells

    Yoko is so excited for the first day of school. She’s just learned to write her name. But when Mrs. Jenkins asks Yoko to show everyone, Olive and Sylvia make fun of her Japanese writing.