We’re open! When vis­it­ing, wear a mask cov­er­ing both the nose and mouth, regard­less of vac­ci­na­tion sta­tus, so we can assist you safely.

Fines and Fees

All fines and fees are set by the Library Board of Trustees. For more infor­ma­tion, please read the DeKalb Coun­ty Pub­lic Library’s Fines and Fees Pol­i­cy. Fines and fees can be paid by cash or checks made payable to DeKalb Coun­ty Pub­lic Library. Fines and fees may also be paid online through Pay­Pal.

Pay Fines or Fees

Over­due Fines

Fines are charged to encour­age the time­ly return and prop­er care of mate­ri­als while they are checked out. Mate­ri­als returned with miss­ing pieces will be charged over­due fines until the item is com­plete and can be cir­cu­lat­ed again.

Cat­e­go­ryOver­due fineMax­i­mum fine
Adult Hard­backs


Juve­nile Hardbacks15¢/day$4.50
Music CDs15¢/day$7.50
DVDs & Blu-rays15¢/day$7.50
Book Group Kits$1.00/day$7.50

Lost and Dam­aged Items

Mate­ri­als lost / dam­aged beyond repairCost of item*
Lost media piece (CD, DVD, Blu-ray, etc.) from a mul­ti-part set**$12.00
Dam­aged Books$10.00
Destroyed Audio­book Case$6.00
Destroyed Video­caset­te/D­VD/Blu-ray/CD Case$2.00
Lost Booklet/​map$2.00
Lost Bar Code$1.00
Kill A Watt$30.00
Cen­ter for Pup­petry Arts Passport$50.00
Chat­ta­hoochee Nature Center


Go Fish Pass$50.00
Geor­gia Park Pass***$100.00
Macon Muse­um Pass to the Geor­gia Sports Hall of Fame, Muse­um of Arts and Sci­ences and the Tub­man Museum$100.00
Michael C. Car­los Museum$50.00
South­east­ern Rail­way Muse­um Pass$50.00
William Bre­man Jew­ish Her­itage Museum$50.00
Zoo Atlanta DVD$36.00
Book Kits
Book Group Take-Out, Book Bud­dies, Eager Read­ers, BeTween the Lines Kits
Lost or dam­aged book$10.00
Lost or dam­aged tote bag$15.00
Lost or destroyed kit$60.00
Fam­i­ly Lit­er­a­cy Involve­ment Pro­gram (FLIP) Kits
Lost or dam­aged book$10.00
Lost or dam­aged tote bag$15.00
Lost or dam­aged case$6.00
Lost or destroyed kitCost of kit

* When exact cost is not avail­able, an aver­age cost based on for­mat is assessed. A pro­cess­ing fee of $6.00 is includ­ed in the replace­ment cost.

**If indi­vid­ual piece can­not be replaced, and set is unus­able with­out this piece, full replace­ment cost of set will be assessed.

*** If an indi­vid­ual pass is lost or dam­aged, a $50 replace­ment cost will be assessed.


Fees are charged to cov­er the cost of ser­vices pro­vid­ed and are based on the Library’s costs for sup­plies and overhead.

Non-Res­i­dent Bor­row­ers Card$35.00
Tem­po­rary Res­i­dent Card

$15.00 refund­able deposit

Col­lec­tion fee for account bal­ances of $40.00 or more four weeks after billing$10.00


Micro­form Copies15¢/page
Com­put­er Print­ing (black and white)15¢/page
Com­put­er Print­ing (col­or, at select branch­es only)50¢/page
Inter­li­brary Loan$3.00 + any fees charged by lend­ing library
Returned Check Fee$20.00
Meet­ing Room Fee$35.00
Audi­to­ri­um Fee (at select branch­es only)$100.00