Writing a Resume and Looking for Employment Series

Presented by DeKalb County Public Library and Grow with Google

DeKalb County Public Library is honored to partner with Grow with Google for this online program series aimed at helping you write or update your resume, search for jobs and find meaningful employment. 

What do I need to participate? 

You need online access, a device to get online with, and a free Google account. You may also want a DeKalb County Public Library card to check out library resources.  

Let’s get started! 

Are you new to the workforce or don’t know much about resumes?  

Then, you may want to watch this brief introduction to resumes by a DCPL librarian. It describes the strengths of the most common types of resumes and provides writing and editing tips.

Starting to write or update your resume and need help gathering the information for it?  

This Google doc may help. To use the doc, make a copy of it by clicking "File" in the top right, then "Make a Copy," then name the doc and click "OK."   

Ready to write your resume?

Do this Grow with Google’s Start a Resume lesson. 

Need to edit your resume?

Do this Grow with Google’s Edit Your Resume lesson. 

Have a question about Google and formatting your resume? 

Fill out this online form to reserve time with library staff to answer questions about Google, formatting your resume, or any other question you may have.   

Want to offer feedback about this series or one of its parts?

Complete a survey to help the library improve this series!

Ready to apply for jobs with your new resume? 

Search for work with Jobs on Google Search and share your resume with potential employers.  

Additional information: 

Does the library have any online resources to help with resume writing, job searching and interviewing?

Yes, the library has online resources to help! For a personalized tour of the resources relevant to job seekers and those preparing a resume or for an interview, watch this video by library staff.  You will need a library card to check out these resources.  We recommend checking out these specific resources:

To find materials, try searching keywords like "resume," "resumes," "resume writing," "interviewing" and "job searching."  

And, to see a listing of all of the online resources offered by DCPL, check out Research Databases.

Are there other community agencies that can help? 

Yes!  There are two community agencies that can help:

How can I get a library card? 

To apply for a temporary digital card, check out this post for instructions. 

What is Grow with Google? 

Grow with Google is an initiative of Google to help people build their digital skills by connecting them to online tools and free training, workshops and one-on-one coaching.  They’ve focused their efforts on job seekers, students, veterans and military families, small business owners, startups, and developers, but again these are free to anyone and everyone.  

To learn more about Grow with Google and get started, click here, type grow.google into your internet browser's address bar, or search for “grow with google” and select it from the results. There are lots of learning opportunities available on the site, so feel free to explore and take as many classes as you’d like! But, for the purpose of this series, we’re recommending two specific classes on writing and editing a resume that are linked above.  

How do I get a Google account?  

To sign up for a Google account, go to google.com ; click "Sign In" in the top right corner ; click “Create Account” in the bottom left of the sign in box ; select “For myself” from the dropdown menu ; complete the form by typing in the requested information.  

Where can I go to learn the basics about using my Google account?  

To learn more about or for additional help with Google, check out GCFLearnFree’s Google online lessons or Google Help pages. 


This is part of the Libraries Lead with Digital Skills Program in partnership with ALA and Grow with Google. Thank you to their support!