Circles of Giving

Many thanks to the following individuals for supporting us at the various Circles of Giving levels in 2016. 

Literati Circle

Jane Herndon
Karin Slaughter
The Rechtman Family


Scholars Circle

Decatur Craft Beer Festival
Decatur Rotary Club
Harshman & Company
Ruth Hough
Joy Boyden

Publishers Circle 

A.S. Turner & Sons, Inc.
Denise and Scott Bailey
Richard and Faith Barbe
Sally J. Eggleston
Fidelity Bank
Friends of the Dunwoody Library
Debra Golymbieski
Sharon Gridley
Joe and Tracy Delgado
Kiwanis Foundation
Lynn A. and Linda J. Morrison
John Mills
Vee Nelson
The RADCO Companies
Barbara Sue Ribner
Cheryl and Anthony Strickland
Bernard Taylor
The Kroger Company
Debbie Torbush
LeRoy Walker
Alison and Chris Weissinger
Wells Fargo Foundation
Aaron Worthy

Authors Circle

Baker & Taylor
TerraCotta Design Build Company
Mary Pat and Milt Crouch
Thomas Cutler
Private Bank of Decatur
Francine D. Dykes
Michele Fahey
Friends of Clarkston Library
Rick and Signe Garnitz
Blair and Beth Gatchel
Bank of America
Trisha K. Kanan
Randall and Amy Kirsch
David H. Lawson
Gia C. Maddry
Ryan and Sarah Mauldin
Athens Pizza
Guy and Charlotte Pfeiffer
Lynne Pickens
Atlanta Writer's Club
Kimberly Sampson
F. Albert and Karen Skellie
John and Nancy Sowers
SP + Parking
Stephanie J. Van Parys
Lisa Anne Unger
Neng and Sheng-Yu Wang
Angie and Brett Witz


Readers Circle

Kathryn R. Adams
Andrea and Dave Arnold
Antoine H. and Frances T. Ayoub
Laura M. Beaty
Margaret V. Blackmon
Emy E. Blair
Bobby and Charlene Gross
Deborah Johnson and Jeff Bragg
Bryans Foundation, Inc.
Carmen Deedy and John McCutcheon
J. Phillip and Jennifer Carver
Cherie Aviv
Julia Childs
Martha J. Clinkscales
Dynamo Swim Club
Doug and Christine Davis
Harold Dickerson
Alan and Anne Dishman
Epps Aviation
Christopher Evans
William T. Feagin, III
Mandy L. Ford
Patricia D. Freidman
Sarah Garnitz
Theresa Gilespie
Annie M. Godfrey
Ashish K. Gupta
Regine Haardoerfer
Shelter Mortgage Company - Ann Falconer
Julie Hunter Jones
Leslie and Keith Kozicki
Brenda Leder
Joanne Lincoln
Laura Lones
Lynne Derus
Molly and Scott Marrah
Mary J. Garrett
Miriam F. Mathura
Herbert McCoy
Thomas and Pearl McHaney
Peggy Marriss
Carol Morgan
Frederick and Cheryl Lee Murphy
James and Alexander Nork
Pamela Woodley and Perry Mitchell
Emily Paradowski
Paul G. Sherer and Beryl Taylor
Pamela C. Pryor
Debra and Scott Pyron
Ann Boon Rhea
Maureen Richmond and Jeff Berhold
Shara Sanders
Kathryn Stockett
Sal Towse
Ian and Emily Trimble
George and Tama Trotti
Earl Walker
George and Judy Weider
William and Kathleen McHugh, Jr.
Art Hansen and Holly Ann Williams
Margaret Ward and John Willingham
Janie G. Yorker
Virginia E. Young