Leave a Legacy

Leave A Legacy For Your Library

Planning your estate and legacy for the future takes time and careful consideration. As you evaluate your personal situation, we encourage you to remember the DeKalb Library Foundation in your estate and financial plans. 

Join the DeKalb Library Foundation Legacy Society

Individuals who express their desire to support the DeKalb Library Foundation through a planned gift are invited to join our exclusive Legacy Society. This society was created to recognize those members of our community who provide special and important forms of financial support to the library as a planned gift. Such gifts might include a bequest in your will, a gift of retirement account/IRA or a gift of life insurance.

The most important benefit that you will receive from joining the DeKalb Library Foundation's Legacy Society will be the satisfaction derived from making a lasting contribution to our long-term success of supporting the library beyond public funding for literacy, children's programming, technological advances as well as books and materials.

Ways to Give

Making a Gift of Cash:

Cash is the most common asset given to charitable organizations and is the life blood of the DeKalb Library Foundation. Donors wishing to make gifts of cash may also consider taking advantage of named giving opportunities at specific branch library locations. 

Naming the DeKalb Library Foundation in Your Will:

Make us part of your family. A gift through your will or estate is the easiest gift to make. A bequest is simple to arrange, will not alter your current lifestyle and can be easily modified to address your changing needs.

Naming the DeKalb Library Foundation as a Beneficiary of Your IRA/Retirement Plan:

Leave more for your loved ones while putting your retirement plan to work for the DeKalb Library Foundation. This is a simple way for donors of all ages to avoid double taxes and support the library.

Naming the DeKalb Library Foundation as the Beneficiary of a Life Insurance Policy:

A gift of life insurance requires that the Foundation be named as owner and beneficiary of the policy. There is no minimum gift requirement and the disclosure of the value of the gift is not required. Either the donor can pay the premium and receive a tax deduction, or the Foundation can pay the premium. This option allows for consistent giving over the course of time with the Foundation benefitting long-term

We are grateful that you may be considering a planned gift. We encourage you to act now to be a good steward of the resources you intend to leave behind. If you have questions, you may contact us directly at:

DeKalb Library Foundation

3560 Kensington Road

Decatur, GA 30032

404.508.7190 X 2238


Due to revisions in the IRS Code, it is of particular importance that you consult with your legal and financial advisor when considering a charitable gift to the DeKalb Library Foundation.

The DeKalb Library Foundation, Inc., is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Your gift is tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law to those who itemize. Bequests are deductible for federal estate tax purposes