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Jean Kwok

The publication of Jean Kwok’s debut novel, Girl in Translation, is a literary event with a remarkable story about it. It is an affecting story of a girl who goes from a sweatshop to the Ivy League. Mirroring this novel’s tale is the real story of the author, who was born in Hong Kong, emigrated to Brooklyn with her family, worked in a Chinatown factory and managed to put herself through Harvard. She has been a teacher and translator in the Netherlands, a reader for the blind, a housekeeper, a ballroom dancer and a computer graphics specialist. Jean Kwok read at the Decatur Library on May 4, 2010.

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Lauretta Hannon

Lauretta Hannon, who grew up in Warner Robins and now lives in Atlanta, has written a wonderful first book that is getting lots of attention: The Cracker Queen. It’s an unflinching, poignant, warmly humorous memoir that takes readers on a wild ride from central Georgia to Savannah with a cast of dysfunctional families and a lively crew of hell-raisers and renegades. Hannon is best known for her engaging commentaries on NPR.

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Georgia Debut Author Night 2 of 2

We welcome two more talented Georgia authors with their wonderful new first novels. Marc Fitten is the very gifted editor of Chattahoochee Review whose novel Valeria’s Last Stand is a comic feast set in 1990s Hungary. Laleh Khadivi is the author of The Age of Orphans, a novel acclaimed already as a “stunning” work of great originality framed in graphic, poetic language.  This program was originally recorded on April 28th, 2009 at the Decatur Library.

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Georgia Debut Author Night 1 of 2

We welcome two wonderfully talented Georgia authors who are celebrating their first novels. Sandra Novack‘s new novel Precious is a novel you won’t soon forget, a lyrical, finely crafted story about family love, its costs and its consequences.  Susan Rebecca White is the Atlanta-born author of Bound South, a delicious, compelling story of the clash of women caught between old-fashioned Atlanta traditions and 21st century reality.

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