Database Help

What database should I use?
Descriptions of each database are available by subject or alphabetically.

If you are in a library, feel free to ask a librarian to suggest a database or other print or electronic source that might meet your need.

How do I get help on using an individual database?
Each database has a link to help. If you need further assistance contact your branch library.

To be able to access all databases fully, you should set your browser to use Javascript, and accept first and third party cookies. Several databases require Adobe Acrobat Reader to view articles or images.

How can I access databases outside the library?
You need to have a valid DeKalb County Public Library library card. If you don't have one, you may also apply online and gain instant access to databases. Secondly, you must know your Personal Identification Number (PIN).

Your PIN is a four digit number that you chose when you applied for your library card. If you had a card prior to June 1998, the last four digits of your phone number was assigned as your PIN. If you do not know your PIN, you will need to go to your local branch library and ask at the Circulation Desk.

The first time you select a database, you will need to enter your library card number and PIN and then click on the Sign-on button before you are directed to the database. If you return to the menu and select another database, you will not need to sign-on again.

What is the GALILEO password?

If GALILEO is asking you for a password, it may be because your browser has stored an old login. Clear your browser's cache and try again. Here are instructions for how to clear your cache:

For Internet Explorer, go to Tools / Internet Options under the "General" tab and "Browsing History" section, click on "Delete" then make sure "Temporary Internet Files" and "Cookies" are checked and everything else is unchecked. Click the "Delete" button again.

For Firefox, go to Tools / Clear Recent History. Under "Time Range to Clear", choose "Everything", and under details, make sure "Cookies" and "Cache" are both checked and everything else is unchecked. Click "Clear Now" button.

If you experience any further problems, feel free to contact us.

I registered for my library card online and I cannot log in with my temporary number.
Do not include any spaces when entering your temporary number. For example, if your temporary number appeared like this: 220710 497803-1, then type it in like this 220710497803-1. The dash (-) is significant, you need to include it.

I am having trouble signing-on.
If nothing happens after you click on the Sign-on button, your browser may not be capable of interpreting JavaScript. You must use the free Firefox browser, or Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.04 or later, or another browser capable of interpreting JavaScript. Also, JavaScript cannot be disabled in your browser.

You may get one of these messages after clicking Sign-on:

  • Sorry, Not All Required Parameters Included In Request -- You didn't enter both your library card number and PIN.
  • Sorry, Your identification is not recognized -- Your library card number is not on file. Check the number you typed and re-enter if necessary. If you have not used your library card in the last four years, your record may have been purged and you will need to reapply for a library card.
  • The Fines and Fees owed on your account exceed the amount allowable -- You owe the library $10.00 or more in fines and fees. Please go to any branch library to return any long-overdue items and pay any outstanding fines and fees. You can use the My Account feature of the Library Catalog to obtain information about fines and fees owed. You may also pay your fines and fees online through PayPal.
  • Timeout on reply from service -- A network or server problem is preventing verification of your library card number and PIN. Please try again later.
  • Sorry, you cannot get to this page directly. (on GALILEO password screen) -- The GALILEO password screen has to be accessed from the Library's pages.
    • You've tried to access this page from a bookmark or history file. Go to the database page and login.
    • Your computer is blocking the message containing the address of the page you are coming from. This could be done from anonymous browsing software, firewall (e.g. Norton Personal Firewall), or browser settings (referrer loging in Opera). You must either disable this software temporarily while you login, or reconfigure it. To reconfigure, check your software's help or support for HTTP_REFERER, referer or referrer and set it so this setting is turned off or disabled for the Library's site.

My browser's back button won't take me back to the Databases Menu
For the first database you Sign-on to and every time for some databases, clicking on your browser's back button will not take you all the way back to the Reference Databases Menu. Pull down the list of previously viewed pages by selecting the down arrow to the right of the back button, and select Reference Databases - DeKalb County Public Library. (In older versions of Netscape, pull down the Go menu.)

I can't find all the databases from home that are available in my library
The following databases are only available in a library because our contract with the database vendor does not allow access from outside the library:

  • Atlanta Journal/Constitution
  • AncestryPlus (GALILEO)
  • Magazines Available Online

I have to Sign-on every time I select a database

Your browser must be able/set to save cookies or you will need to Sign-on for each database.

If you are still having problems, please send in a comment.